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Useful information about the University of Malaga

Malaga University is a young and modern university that started its first activities in the beginning of the 1960’s, although it traces its roots back to the 1850’s when the first school of commerce and modern languages was established in Malaga.

The Faculty of Political, Economic and Commercial Sciences were the first to be established in 1963 at the central El Ejido campus which still forms part of the University today. Although this was the first step in establishing a real university in Malaga it took until 1972 (and after a lot of pressure from several citizens groups) to achieve the final decree approving the establishment of a full scale university in Malaga.

Today there are more than 40,000 students per year (including approx. 6000 foreign students) studying one of the 60 official titles offered by Malaga University in areas like Humanities, Mathematics & Natural Sciences, Health Sciences and Social Sciences.

The University have two campuses the small El Ejido Campus located in the centre of Malaga which is still hosting the faculty of Economics amongst others and the new modern campus Teatinos located in the north-western area of Malaga about 15-20min from the centre of the city. Apart from the campuses in Malaga the University also have various branches and associated campuses in the neighbouring towns of Antequera and Ronda.

The faculties of Medicine and Philosophy were the first to become installed in the new Teatinos Campus and today most faculties are located in this main campus which extends over a surface of approx, 2 million square meters and where all the main university installations are located (sport grounds, libraries, computer facilities, etc.).

Spanish Courses History

The first Spanish language and culture course for foreign students at Malaga University were arranged in 1947.
Initially this program offered to foreign students took place in the mini philology campus located in a building in the historic centre of Malaga but in 1996 when the faculty of philology where moved to the new Teatinos campus the Spanish language courses where installed in a separate building in Malaga centre. At the beginning of 2010 the Spanish language courses where moved to a new centre in the Pedregalejo area of Malaga.

The building where the Spanish language and cultural courses are held today is a completely reformed building located in the east part of Malaga in an area called Pedregalejo which is located about 20 minutes from the historic centre and just next to the beach. This area is very popular amongst foreign students as there are located a number of private schools as well and there are plenty of nightlife and activities going on.

Each year there are more than 2000 foreign students taken part in one of the many different Spanish language and cultural courses offered. Students come from all over the world including Asia, America and Europe.

All teachers have a university degree in Spanish philology and a long experience in teaching the Spanish language and culture to foreigners. Apart from this special guest teachers from the main University are regularly teaching the higher levels in the Hispanic studies Spanish language courses like Spanish literature, art or history classes.

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