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Student Accommodation in Malaga

Shared Student Apartments and Host Families in Malaga

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This accommodation service is NOT offered by the University of Malaga, but by an independent company with years of experience in accommodating students in Malaga.
This service is provided as an additional service to clients booking a Spanish course at Malaga University, but please feel free to search for your own accommodation if you prefer. Before you book accommodation please take a look at the Terms & Conditions related to the accommodation offered on this website.
Accommodation Terms & Conditions

We can offer you accommodation in shared student flats or with Spanish host families for a duration of two weeks to a full year.

For our accommodation services we charge a one one-time booking fee of 90€.

For all bookings of accommodation for a period of 1 month or more the booking fee of 90€ + the full accommodation price is due to be paid, together with the payment of the program fees.

You will receive your accommodation booking confirmation via email approximately 10 days before your arrival. This information includes the exact address, contact details of the owner, what is included in the accommodation/room and the deposit required.

If you decide to cancel the accommodation upon arrival you will not be entitled to any refund.

Shared Student Apartments

In a shared student flat you will be living with other international students. You'll have a private bedroom (unless you had requested a double room) and will have to share a bathroom and kitchen.
Student apartments are the cheapest and most popular form of accommodation for international students. Shared apartments are located throughout El Palo and Pedregalejo area and are all within 10-30 minutes walking distance from the university.

Typically, flats include a living room with a TV and dining space, although this sometimes forms part of the kitchen. Please keep in mind that shared student flats constitute an economical solution and, while never below a basic standard, don't offer the level of comfort and quality some people are accustomed to.

Please also note that, being a budget alternative, shared student apartments are furnished simply and provide modest living space. Students are responsible for cleaning, cooking, and laundry, and there is limited to no landlord supervision. International students are typically grouped together in the same apartments.

The cost for a room in a shared apartment ranges between 450-600€ per month, plus utility costs (between 20-30€ per month). See price table below for approximate costs depending on the length of your stay.


  4 Weeks 8 Weeks 12 Weeks
Shared Flat
Single RoomNo meals 600 1200 1800
Double Room 450 900 1350
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Spanish Host Families

If you are looking to practise your Spanish as much as possible a Spanish host family is the best option. A standard Spanish family doesn’t normally speak any other language apart from Spanish, so you will therefore get to practice your Spanish at all times in the house. Living with a host family is also a great opportunity to learn more about Spanish customs and culture.

Spanish host families are often older couples who no longer have their children living at home and therefore have extra space. It is also quiet normal for a family to be hosting other students as well (about 1-3 students at a time).

The cost for room and half-board (breakfast and either lunch or dinner) with a Spanish host family ranges between 810-990€ per moth. A separate fee is charged for in-house laundry service.