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Universidad de M√°laga

Malaga University - Spanish Courses

Malaga University is a young and modern university with more than 40,000 students per year including 6,000 foreign students. As fully in line with the international spirit of Malaga University there is arranged a broad range of Spanish courses for foreign students that want to learn Spanish and learn more about the Spanish culture. These Spanish courses have been offered for more than a decade to students from all over the world and with different social and cultural backgrounds.

On this website you can find full information about the Spanish courses and cultural programs offered by Malaga University as well as general information about Malaga, the university, the university campus, activities arranged, accommodation opportunities offered and much more.

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Spanish Program Overview - Detailed program overview with information about all the Spanish courses available including starting dates, prices, diplomas given, etc.

Malaga University Info – Here you can find further information about Malaga University.

Diplomas & Credits – If you need to study Spanish as part of your studies you can find further information about the diplomas and credits available for the different programs available at Malaga University.

Facilities & Activities – Here you can find full information about the facilities which are fully available for students signing up for a Spanish course as well as the activities arranged outside class

Student Accommodation Malaga – If you need help finding accommodation while studying in Malaga you can find further information on this site.

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Useful info – Here you can find information about public transport, maps, weather in Malaga and links to sites about Malaga.